About aras air cargo

What we do
Aras air cargo is a Total Transportation Solutions company specialized in the fields of Express Courier, Cargo, Domestic, Logistics covering the whole world, will provide you the transportation services in low and high weight (Air, Land and Sea), with the best possible quality and customer service. You will have one of the Sales Teams serving you in all working days.
Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any transportation needs.

Waste Management: Global solutions to collect and recycle your waste streams, aiming to convert cost into revenue streams and support your ‘zero waste’ targets
Extended Producer Responsibility: Data collection, physical recycling, and provision of evidence to meet complex legislative requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business
Lead Environmental Partner: Our consultancy and support programmes extend across your entire supply chain, from employee engagement to comprehensive network design, to help you meet your environmental objectives.

Procurement services
Procurement consulting, outsourcing and integrated logistics services.

Raw materials warehousing
Raw materials warehousing services to streamline the flow of raw materials into your production facility.

Raw materials transportation
Delivering raw materials to production, or collecting them from a supplier.

Internal supply chance management
Managing the flow of goods from low cost production locations.

Industrial project transportation
Setting up and moving production plants.

Inbound to manufacturing
Managing the flow of goods into production.
A few characteristics that differentiate aras Trading from its rivals are listed as below:

* Continues improvement of services
* Innovation in service provision
* Creating values
* Regular staff training
* Teamwork
* Honesty and loyalty
* Exploiting the latest technologies
* Competitive rates
* Complete fulfillment of the liabilities and obligations in accordance with the company’s objectives
* Identifying the Strengths / Weaknesses and scanning the Opportunities / Threats